Star Camps Staff

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Matt Ward

Multi-sport, Lacrosse

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Matt has been a cornerstone to the success of the Star Camps program. He has been a counselor for over 20 years, and before that was a camper himself. When asked what what keeps him coming back to camp he said, “it’s the relationships that I get to build and sustain with kids over the years!” When not at camp, Matt works at The Fenn School, where he teaches social studies and coaches lacrosse and football. A college lacrosse athlete himself, he continues to have a passion for sports and shares it with his campers. His favorite aspect of working at Star Camps is the opportunity to “work with former campers turned staffers and see them give back the energy that they received in their days of camping, such as with beloved camper-turned-staffer Michael Levenger.” Matt said, “Star Camps is a wonderful place to work during the summer!” Star Camps is lucky to have you, Matt.


Nat Carr

Star Camps Director

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Nat Carr has been around Star Camps for a long time, a very long time. He said, “I first attended Star Camps as a camper in 1991, then became a staffer in 1997, and later became director in 2013. All together, I’ve spent the last 28 summers at Star Camps.” There are many reasons why he returns to camp year after year. “Star Camps has been a place where I have always had a lot of fun doing something that I love - playing sports. Star Camps also serves as a reunion of friends and colleagues. There are countless members of our community who I have spent the last 5, 10, 20, or more years with. One of my favorite aspects of camp is reconnecting with campers and staff and watching their growth over the years.” During the academic school year, Nat serves as Head of the Lower School at The Fenn School.

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Ben Smith

Multi-sport, Baseball

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Ben Smith has been a cornerstone of the Star Camps experience for over 20 years. Fun fact: he remembers coaching Nat Carr back in the day! Ben is a talented multi-sport and baseball coach who brings his passion for sports, athletic talents and wonderful ability to connect with kids to each day of camp. In the registration process, we often hear that campers seek out Star Camps in order to have the opportunity to play sports with Ben! When not at camp, Ben is a 4th grade english and social studies teacher at The Fenn School, where he also coaches baseball, basketball and multi-sport. His talents don’t fall far from the tree - his son is a rising Star Camps coach!


Jim Crandall


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Jim Crandall is our beloved volleyball coach who has been at Star Camps for 7 years, bringing with him a professionalism around coaching and an expertise on the sport. When not teaching campers new volleyball skills, he also coaches the Concord-Carlisle High School teams as well as the Brandeis Men’s team AND the SMASH volleyball teams. When asked about what brings him back to camp year after year he said, “The spirit and joy of all the camper.” Thanks for sharing your talents with Star Camps, Jim!




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Carol is our amazing camp nurse. She has been with us since 2013 and when not at Star Camps, she is the director of health services at Cambridge School of Weston. When asked what keeps her returning each year she said, “There are many reasons why I return! Star Camps is a great place to work. There is a true team atmosphere, where everyone is supported and valued as an employee.” She uses her talents not only to help keep campers healthy and happy, but also to help them build confidence as they make new friends and develop athletic skills. When asked what her favorite part of Star Camps is, she said, “meeting the campers on Monday morning!” Never one to be sitting still, Carol also loves to mountain/trail bike, sail and compete in 5k races.



Soccer, Baseball

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Coach Walter, affectionately known at “Wally” has been an invaluable coach for the past 5 years. He said, “Each summer has turned into a bit of a family reunion. A camp that was designed around sports and fun has developed into a genuine community and it seems that campers and coaches alike simply can't stay away. Thirty six years strong for a reason!” When not connecting with staffers and campers, Wally is a student a UVA where he is a member of the club baseball team. He also said that one of his favorite moments each summer is when Star Camps founder Bob Starensier makes his annual appearance. So many of us look forward to that moment, too!



Multi-sport, Soccer, Basketball

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Garren has been a Star Camper since he was in First Grade, but has most recently contributed his talents as counselor for the past 5 years. When asked what keeps him coming back to camp each summer, he said, “It’s the energy that the kids come with every day.” Outside of camp, Garren attends Elon University, where he studies exercise science, plays club soccer, loves golf and can often be found watching the Liverpool Football Club. Garren is a star camper through and through, and said, “I believe [Star Camps] is a great place where kids can play their favorite sport and not have the pressure to perform in an ultra competitive setting.”

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Soccer, Multi-sport, Baseball

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Cole has been at Star Camps since he was old enough to be a camper. He was a “punch man” for a year and is now a talented coach. When asked what keeps him coming back each year he said, “There is no other job where I could possibly have as much fun.” Cole took a walk down memory lane with us and reminisced about the time when he was a camper working with Coach Smitty and Coach Joe, who let campers have “water standoffs.” He said, “We would splash each other like it was a duel from the Wild West. The coaches would referee to make sure neither person moved their feet. It was organized and extremely fun!” In the off season, Cole is a senior at Rivers School, where he plays soccer and baseball. For Cole, Star Camps has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember. He said, “I’m going to keep coming back for as long as I can.” We hope you do, Cole!

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Natalie was a camper for 4 years (1 of basketball and 3 of volleyball) and has been a stellar volleyball coach for the past two seasons. When asked what keeps her coming back each year, she said, “The community is amazing and everyone is so friendly. I love teaching kids to play sports that I’ve always loved and I enjoy getting to watch them grow.” She also loves the lunch time half court shot and has been known to dominate the water balloon toss. Outside of camp, Natalie is a senior at Concord Carlisle High School, where she is on the varsity volleyball team and plays club volleyball in the off season. Fun fact: you can also find her hostessing at Fiorella’s Cucina!



Baseball, Multi-sport

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Jack has been a coach at Star Camps for two years, but a camper for many years, often attending camp for all four weeks each summer. His enthusiasm for camp hasn’t wavered and he said, “I really enjoy being around the kids and having fun with them.” Off the fields, Jack attends Acton Boxborough High School, where he is a talented baseball player. One of his most legendary camp moments happened this year, when he won the staff demo game of State (a soccer shoot out) and then the basketball hall court shot the very next day. It was a true feat of athleticism! Fun fact: he lives on a horse farm!



Multi-Sport, Soccer

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Peter brings unparalleled positive energy to camp each day. When asked about his trajectory to becoming a coach, he said, “I started at Star Camps three summers ago as a CIT for two weeks. The next year, I was a ‘punch man’ for the whole month, and this last summer I finally became a coach and loved it!” He genuinely enjoys being with campers week after week, and enjoys playing sports alongside campers, not just coaching from the sidelines! When not at camp, Peter attends St. Mark’s School in Southborough, where he plays hockey and tennis. When not in the classroom or on the sports field, Peter also loves to hit the waves and is a talented surfer. His favorite Star Camps moment is “whenever Coach Levy makes the lunch time half court shot!”



Multi-sport, Lacrosse

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We feel lucky to have Alexi share his athletic talents and commitment with us each summer. Over the past three year, Alexi started first as a CIT, then a “punch man” and most recently has become a coach. Outside of camp, he is a student at Concord Carlisle High School, where he plays lacrosse and soccer. When asked what he likes most about camp, he said, “I love the fun atmosphere and the connections that I have with the staff and campers.” Fun fact: Alexi was on the Concord Carlisle High School boys varsity lacrosse team that made it to the state finals in 2018!